Maintenance Request

Please be aware that residents do not have the right to perform or arrange for repairs at the landlord’s expense, nor is there any right for residents to deduct the cost of any repairs from the rent payments due. All maintenance and repair work requested by residents and ordered by the landlord takes place during normal business hours, Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm, excluding emergencies.

Emergency Repairs

Under our guidelines, and the Florida Landlord Tenant Laws, emergency repairs are ONLY as follows:

  1. Broken locks, window locks or a broken garage door and/or automatic garage door opener.
  2. Major water leaks, including broken pipes or seriously clogged drains that could flood the premises.
  3. No heat or air conditioning if weather is extreme.
  4. Gas leaks.
  5. Electrical shorts or arching.
  6. Any other condition which the TENANT may deem life-threatening or pose a threat of harm to the premises.

Non-Emergency Maintenance Request Form

Please use this form for non-emergency maintenance requests for your rental home. If you have an emergency maintenance request, as defined above, do not fill out this form. Contact us at (850) 661-7113. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


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