Owner Services

One On One Service

You will have a personal manager assigned to your property and will work closely with you in handling all the details of your account. The benefit to you is that you have great communications and accountability regarding your property.

Profitability Evaluation Of Your Investment Property

Your personal manager will help you establish the highest possible market rental rate for your property. The benefit to you is that you get top dollar for your rental investment while zero to very low vacancy rate.

Higher Quality Tenants And Longer Lease Terms

Using a written application from prospective tenants, we look at rental history and income to determine acceptability. At the prospective tenant's expense we do a formal credit & criminal check. We abide by all Fair Housing Regulations. We only accept the most qualified tenants for your property. We work VERY hard trying to assure you of good tenants. You benefit by receipt of prompt rental payments and also by lowered wear and tear on your valuable real estate.

Complete Property Maintenance

Our on-staff general contractor oversees all aspects of repair and maintenance hiring excellent vendors that all work at competitive hourly rates. To handle emergencies we have 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency contacts for anything that could arise. You benefit by not getting late night calls about broken plumbing! Our in-house staff gives your tenants prompt response to repair calls and better accountability, which makes your tenants happy and happy tenants are better tenants. PROFESSIONAL RENT COLLECTION Even the best tenants are sometimes late with their rent. We take care of getting the money for you. If we must, we take care of all the details regarding legal proceedings to collect money due our owners. You benefit by receiving your money and having the peace of mind that your financial interests are being professionally and legally protected.

Annual Inspection

Every year we provide a complete visual inspection by our on staff general contractor. We look for anything that could cause damage to your investment or is affecting the curb appeal of your property.

Professional Accounting Services

We will pay the mortgages, taxes, property insurance, and any other bills connected with the property unless you prefer to do it yourself. Each month a net proceeds check will be sent to you or deposited wherever you desire. You benefit with the peace of mind of knowing that your valuable real estate investment is being carefully overseen. We provide a monthly computerized statement of your income and expenses, which is clear and understandable. Your year-end statement makes your tax preparation much easier. You enjoy the ease of record keeping.